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Placement School's I-Grad is an industry ready skill program that bridges the gap between
"Existing Technical Skills of Students and the Skill-Set Expected by the Insdustry."

Who We Are

Placement School sparked out of the need to address the gap between the
requirements of the industry and the skills of students.

It is established by experienced HR Professionals with 15+ years of experience in the field, who have placed more than 3000+ candidates in various sectors. They have managed end-to-end placement processes and worked with major companies across India.

Placement School believes that placement is not just about securing a job; it’s about securing a DREAM JOB and growing in it.

It ensures that enrolled job-seekers gain enough practical exposure – ready to impress right from their first day at work. Job-seekers are trained by real-time experts with credible experience and proven track-record to give them an edge in their chosen domain.Placement School is introducing a paradigm-shift from job-oriented training to skill-building and placement.


An unmatched skill-building experience with personal and professional development. Our students are exposed to rigorous inside-the-industry practice, fully geared to take on their chosen jobs without the need for further skill building.


To make one-lakh graduates employable by 2020 through industry-specific skill building.


To increase employability through effective industry-relevant knowledge transfer and strategic institutional collaborations.


Our program has an industry-first approach so that you master your chosen domain
specialization even before starting your career.


The course is divided into five phases and is highly practical-oriented. Knowledge sharing activities like technical presentations will be conducted on a weekly basis to enhance the skill-level of students. Regular feedback will be given in the form of weekly tests and assessments. This is mainly intended to make the participant aware of the improvement areas which will benefit in shaping his/her career.

Course Contents for JAVA and .Net

  • Phase 1: Domain Knowledge - Introduction to Project Domains
    • BFSI
    • Healthcare
    • Retail
    • Telecom
  • Phase 2: Technology Skill-building
    • Introduction to the particular technology
      (revision on important topics needed for the project development and implementation)
  • Phase 3: Synopsis Making Guide and Software Development
    • Skill-building on requirements of the project
    • Project Design
    • Project Development
  • Phase 4: Project Implementation
    • Unit Testing and Reviews
    • Rework Integration
    • roject Documentation
  • Phase 5: Aptitude and Soft Skills
    • Aptitude Skills
    • Reasoning Skills
    • Soft Skills


Placement School sparked out of the need to address the gap between the
requirements of the industry and the skills of students.

Through an extensive network of MNCs and SMEs, we perform a continuous analysis of placement opportunities in existing and emerging sectors. Our placement assurance program connects you with ample employment opportunities through an expansive network of connections with leading industries all over India.

We are equipped with a strong placement team that maps the aspirations and expectations of students, matches these with their skills, and connects them with suitable job opportunities. We will guide and mentor you through each stage of the placement process, right from building a CV, to preparing you for an interview.


Interested students have the option of paying a said amount of fee for the placement assurance program. Alternatively, a fixed percentage of the student's first month's salary will be charged as fee by IGRAD Placement School after the successful placement of student.


Students will be provided with placement support for up to 4 months after enrolment.


All fresh graduates looking for opportunities in IT sector, and IT professionals wishing to enhance their skills, are eligible for the program.

Interested candidates are required to pass an eligibility test conducted by Placement School. An aptitude test along with an assessment of the candidate’s communication skills will also be done before accepting him into the program. Contact us for more details on the admission process.


Placement School is changing the game for job-seekers with its skill-intensive courses. Thus, bridging the gap
between existing skill-set and the industry requirement.

  • We offer project-based skill building under the guidance of working professionals from leading companies.
  • Students are mentored in domain-specializations that are of practical-relevance to their field.
  • Placement School helps you get an edge in your chosen domain so you excel in any professional sphere of your choice.
  • We are dedicated towards making you globally competent.
  • We assist you for up to FOUR months after the completion of the program.

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